Our business is understanding yours.


Our Identity

We a are leading consultancy for reputational crises. We are a well attuned, highly specialised team that supports enterprises and PR firms in and before acute crisis situations. With our work, we protect the perception of your company with political, societal, media and economic stakeholders. We use strategic argumentation to win the minds of those stakeholders and shape public opinion. To achieve this goal, we use instruments from PR and argumentation theory. Our goal is to position your company optimally in the long-term for issues that are in need of explanation. As a result, you keep the upper hand even in critical situations.

Crisis Communication

Ad-hoc crisis management

We provide guidance in crises. Our experienced and specialised crisis team takes charge of the situation on the ground. That includes answering questions, help you prioritise issues, and consult on strategic decisions that affect a broad range of internal and external stakeholders. If needed, we can contribute an excellent network of external stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. Consultants from Ewald & Rossing can be seamlessly integrated in any PR team.

Our goal is to help you transform any crisis into an opportunity.We are operational within hours and are ready to deploy 24/7.

Crisis Prevention

Potential operational and reputational crises represent acute threats for organisations. A targeted preparation for crises and special situations is mandatory to ensure long-term success. The ever denser network of vital stakeholders and media of any type requires reactions in real time.

We prepare our clients along five dimensions:

  • structures (crisis management team, infrastructure, ect.)
  • crisis management processes
  • instruments (Monitoring, reporting system)
  • skills of crisis teams and CEOs (Simulations, media trainings)
  • audit of critical topics and stakeholders

Our goal is an antifragile organisation that becomes better under pressure.

Litigation PR

All are equal before the law – but not before the media. A sentence passed by the public rarely will be revoked. That constitutes an additional burden for people and companies. Moreover, the reputational damage resulting from the public reaction to a verdict in court often is larger than the damage of the verdict itself.

In our consultancy, we combine communicative excellence with legal expertise. For that reason, we understand legal necessities that go along with a complex conduct of a case. We add strategic argumentation with the public to ensure an optimal result.

We cultivate a rich network with lawyers, auditors and judiciary. In emergencies, we join forces and work on strategies to mitigate reputational damage to our clients.


Strategy Development

Modern companies communicate with diverse stakeholders over a wide range of channels. They continuously have to substantiate their business model and justify possible deviations to ensure long-term success.

Corporate argumentation is an aggregation of those strategic and tactical rationales. It captures how stakeholders draw conclusions and it defines which arguments to use along what channel.

Especially in complex topics, a CA enables a comprehensive governance of diverging argumentative lines over highly branched groups of stakeholders. We support you along all necessary steps to ensure a continuing acceptance and relevance of your enterprise.

Media Training

The personal appearance of a CEO is one of the most powerful instruments of PR. Our training ensures an incisive impact. If he or she is authentic, an interview or a speech can permanently change the attitude of important stakeholders.

Especially in critical situations communicators should ensure the availability of that tactical option. For 18 years, the basis of our training is understanding the business of our clients and ensuring that our trainings are an integral part of the overall communications strategy.



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