Argumentation Management

We have developed a system to enable you to convince the diverse set of your stakeholder in challenging circumstances. Our Corporate Argumentation picks the most relevant arguments for each subset.

Organisations are exposed to a great variety of critical questions, that sometimes are muttually exclusive. A Corporate Argumentation bundles and coordinates all lines of argumentation that are relevant to the organisation. This method serves as an interface to other functions like lega, marketing, sales, customer service, internal communication and external communication. That is how it can serve as an allocative function and influence business decisions.

The Corporate Argumentation bundles all tactical and strategic rationales and thus forms a basis of a coordinate multi-stakeholder-communication. It features how stakeholders develop their attitudes, what channels they trust and how they perceive communcation by the organisation. That enables you be more efficient.

We support you in the analysis of your stakeholders and in finding the best possible argumentation. That ensures acceptance and relevance of your organisation.


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