The Company


In 1997, Jörg-Michael Junginger founded the company in Mainz and contributed his extensive experience as a journalist for TV, radio broadcast and print. With his clear perspective as a media expert he was soon successful as a demanding media trainer and decisive crisis communicator.

The company grew in size and Marcus Ewald and Torsten Rössing joined as associates and later on partners with the goal of succeeding Mr. Junginger. The German Debating Champions of 2008 contribute analytic astuteness and precise argumentation to the company. Since the founding of the company the service segments of crisis communication and strategic PR have been expanded substantially.

After the retirement of Jörg-Michael Junginger in 2015, the company was renamed “Ewald & Rössing”. The result is an outstanding approach to combine journalistic experience and strategic competence, making us take on PR and media in radically and relentlessy effective ways.



In 1997, Media Advice was founded in 1997 by Jörg-Michael Junginger. Itspecialised in high-quality media trainings.



In 2011, Marcus Ewald and Torsten Rössing joined the company and expanded crisis communication as a service segment. In 2012, the company moved into bigger offices on the Fischtorplatz in Mainz.



From 2015 onward, Marcus Ewald and Torsten Rössing are the sole managing partners of the company. Since then, Media Advice is specialising in managing situations in need of explanation. In the first half of 2015, Media Advice introduces the product “Corporate Argumentation”.



In 2016, the company was renamed Ewald & Rössing

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