Crisis Prevention

Excellent crisis management begins before the crisis breaks out. Prevention is more cost effective than post-crisis support, since it costs a lot of time and money to restore an image which has already been damaged. Independent of the type of crisis, a well prepared crisis team can cope with any fallout. Skilled employees, agile crisis management and sober decision making help you to steer the right course.

We help you prepare – for example with a crisis audit, a crisis simulation, workshops with your crisis team or corresponding hand books. We work with benchmarks to ensure and organised management process. Our goal is always to enable your organisation to act better under pressure. Your structures become antifragile.


First, we audit existing preventative measures. Our focus is on structures, processes, instruments, abilities and issues. With this analysis, we obtain an overview that enables us to formulate goals. Together, we develop a desired environment that we use to infer the needs of relevant stakeholders. The result are partial goals that can be translated into intermediate steps. After that, suitable preventative measures are taken.



Roles and functions should be clear, reporting plans defined and decision making competencies existent.


The processes that lead to the most effective work flow in crises.


Instruments that enable you to monitor and shape the environment.


Knowledge about any strong and weak spots and corresponding strategic contingency plans.


Individual competencies that are necessary to fulfill crisis management requirements.


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